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Angkor wat

Angkor Mean The Capital City, It's The Vast Area Northern Of The Tonle Sap Lake And South-Western Kulen Mountain,Where The Khmer Empire Kings Ruled From The 9th To The 15th Century. They Left For Posterity An Incredible Legacy In Stone, The Temples Built For The Homage Of The Hindu And Buddhist Divinities Worshipped In Ancient South-East Asia.


Apsara Dance Means Celestial Nymphs Or Heavenly Dancers Was Born From The Churning Of The Ocean Of Milk One Of The Famous Hindu Mythology That Recorded In Stone Of The Wall Of Angkor Wat Temple Dating From The 12th Century. Now Apsara Dance Is Became The Oldest Khmer Traditional Performance And Protected By UNESCO.


The Tonle Sap is already a large lake during the dry season. Its surface triples during the monsoon season when the Tonle sap river reverses its Course. For half of the year the Tonle sap river is a tributary of the Mekong. But, During the rainy season, the river reverses its course excess water from the Mekong, swollen by the Monsoon rains and by the melting of snow in the Himalayas, fills up the great lake of Tonle Sap.